Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Soaptastic Geniusness

Do you frequently find yourself wishing that your sheets and pillowcases smelled more amazing? Are you plagued with where to store all your extra soaps? Okay, probably not, but this is still a genius idea that you don't even know you need, yet. Just tuck extra bars of your favorite smelling soap (I'm a sucker for fancy French ones, but Lever 2000 would work just as well) in between your extra sheets and pillowcases. When you take them out to use them, the sheets will have a soft, not-too-perfumey, clean smell that is just heavenly when you climb into bed. My mom has soaps all over her walk-in linen closet and the whole room smells wonderful. This idea came in handy for me, on the other hand, in my first apartment, where my sheets and towels had to share the one tiny closet I had with all my food, including the garlic and onions. Trust me, it works.

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