Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't Live Without...Lip Gloss

Like with most things, I am extremely picky about my lip gloss. I have searched high and low for ones that I like, only to have a countless number of my favorite kinds and colors discontinued. So instead of just one, I always have a few favorites up my sleeve (and all up in my make-up bag) in case of an emergency. Here are the ones I really like now- they are all different, but have a few things in common: they don't have big chunks of glitter in them- just pretty, natural shine; they aren't too sticky- I promise you won't get your hair stuck in them, and your lips won't make a weird suction sound when you open your mouth to talk; and they all taste really nice (reminiscent of my Bonne Bell Lipsmacker days).

This Fresh Gloss Absolute ($24) is my favorite of the favorites. My favorite color, Dahlia, is a rich pinkish crimson that looks dark in the pot, but is a very subtle and light tint on the lips. It's very shiny, but feels silky on the lips (I wore this one on my wedding day because my husband doesn't mind when I kiss him while wearing it). And it tastes sort of like a Creamsicle.

Smith's Rosebud Salve ($5) is a real oldie, but a goody. It's been around since 1892 (and also claims to cure diaper rash, as well as myriad other skin issues). But it makes a great lipgloss- either on its own or on top of a coat of lipstick. It's really light and soft, and it smells like roses (obv).

Bobbi Brown's Lipgloss ($20), is also a great one. It has a little more pigment than the others, making it a nice alternative for people who normally wear a lot of color. This stuff has a ton of shine, so a little goes a long way. My favorite shade is Rosy (not shown). And they all taste like vanilla.

So get out there and snap these up (before they get discontinued!)

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