Monday, November 24, 2008

I heart...Silhouettes!

I've been lusting after silhouettes ever since they started popping up in all my favorite magazines and stores. So, I thought, what better thing to profile? If you don't want be to left in the dark, you should scope out some of these lovely little portraits.

This page from Domino is a beauty- I love how the old-fashioned silhouettes look graphic and modern in the color-blocked room.

These silk-screened pillows from Jonathan Adler are so great- imagine them on a bright colored couch. Cuteness.

Check out these little framed silhos from Simply Silhouettes- you can send them a photo of your profile and they will convert it into one of these cuties. They will even make tote bags or pillows from the images. Which is adorable, beyond a shadow of a doubt. (have you had enough of my silhouette puns, yet?)

Here's more gorgeousness from Domino- I'm obsessed with the bunny silhouette in this picture.

A friend of mine even hired a master silhouette artist to work at her wedding making hand-cut little portraits of all of her guests. And a few of us at my old office had ours cut by the same guy, as samples. Here's how mine turned out- it looks like me, but I swear to you I was not wearing a scrunchie. In the meantime, I have decided it can't be that hard to do this yourself, so I am going to try to make them of my husband and me (sans '80s hair accessories). I'll check back in with the results (unless I fail miserably, and then we will pretend this never happened).

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tiana16 said...

love this idea of trying to make your own silouettes! can i come over and try too??