Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't Live Without...Mascara

As an admitted perpetual eye-rubber, I walked around the world with weird raccoon circles on my face for years. As a former Beauty editor, I had the opportunity to try almost any product on the market, and even the ones that promised to be long-lasting and waterproof flaked off after a couple hours and gave me that creepy sunken-eye drug-addict look (but not in the chic European model way). And then when you WANT the stuff to come off, you need a Brillo pad to scrub it off your face, and it takes half your eyelashes out with it. That is why I am petitioning the Vatican to canonize Trish McEvoy for creating her Lash Curling Mascara, a.k.a. the best mascara ever in the world, ever (without exaggeration). It goes on really liquidy, but once it dries, it won't rub or flake off. However, with a splash of water, it peels right off in little strings, like acrylic paint. Heavenly.

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wowohwow said...

If you can't find that particular mascara, this one does the same stringy acrylic thing you were talking about! :)