Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheap & Chic...Orchids

Poor orchids get a bad rap- people think they're expensive, fragile, and difficult to maintain. I beg to differ. Sure, the initial sticker shock might serve as a little deterrent, but put these compelling arguments in your craw: with minimal care and a little upfront investment, orchids can last for months (thereby saving you money, over cut flowers), while giving off that desirable "I-have-a-greenhouse-in-the-country" vibe. You'll get better prices at flower markets or discount stores than at florists, and obviously don't try to buy them around mother's day or the holidays. I bought this white phalaenopsis beauty in the New York City flower district for $45, and another purple and white speckled one at Ikea for $15, and there are tons of options available online. Both of mine are still beautiful and thriving two months later, with no sign of wilting. Look for orchids with lots of buds on each stem, with some that haven't opened, yet. Once you get it home, make sure it's in a container that drains, as they don't like sitting in too much water- all you need to do is spritz the roots with a spray bottle occasionally, and run the roots under the tap and let the pot drain completely once every couple weeks. So much better than those food-colored roses from the bodega.
Plus- an orchid makes a great hostess or housewarming present, and lasts so much longer than a bottle of wine (at least in our house...)

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LT said...

Orchids love direct sunlight in the morning, but don't need a substantial amount of natural light (great for apartments). It's a shame, but many people assume their orchids are dead/dying after the petals fall. If you keep caring for it, the orchid will grow new shoots and flowers in about a month :)