About Us

The last of a dying breed (or the first of a new breed), I am the only 29-year-old housewife I know. I cook, I clean, I bake, I sew, I make things from scratch. Care to join me?

 When I'm not trying to make dinner from the last three items in my fridge, field-testing lip glosses (God's work), impulsively spray-painting (or scraping the paint off of) an old piece of furniture, or coming up with corny puns to post on this blog about those activities, I moonlight as a freelance writer (check me out on bonappetit.com) and event planner.

My co-conspirators in all these adventures are my handsome, funny, charming, tall, dark, and... did I say handsome (?) husband, JM, and my too-cute-for-words beagle, Skipper. (Well, actually, Skipper doesn't really do much conspiring. She mostly just dozes and sheds).

If you want to tell me something, or have a question you think I can answer, or you want me to join your knitting club (twist my arm), shoot me a little electronic mail. I'd love to hear from you!  lily{at}acharmedwife.com.