Friday, November 28, 2008

A Little More OCD

One of the few downgrades for me when we moved into our new place is the amount of closet space I have. Even after putting all of my off-season stuff in storage bins under the bed, things are still very cramped in my poor closet. And it sort of defeats the purpose of having a lot of clothes if you can't find them. After our very successful book color-coding experiment, I decided to apply the same method to my clothes.
First I had to buy all matching hangers- I chose these wood ones from the container store. Then sort everything by color- it's okay to mix pants and jackets and dresses and shirts all together, as long as they are in their proper color section.

In the end, my closet feels like something out of a catalog (or Domino, above) and I can find everything I'm looking for, although I'm a little disturbed by the size of the brown section (below). I guess my wardrobe is showing its true colors.


Gecko said...

Are those wooden hangers as skinny as they look? My experience is that those white (dare I say the word here chez Lil) plastic hangers allow one to fit a few more clothing necessities in the closet until he can have his own.

mia said...

This is something very few people know about me, but I have been organizing my closet this way since high school. To take it further, within each color section I order the clothing by skirts,shirts,pants,and finally dresses so that visually the shortest garments are first with the longest being last. I guess I just came out of the OCD closet!