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I love hearing from readers! For me, it's up there with finding a popsicle I didn't know was in the freezer or my husband coming home with flowers, just because. Don't you want to make me that happy?

Here are some ideas for things for you to write me about:
-Your own housekeeping tips
-Your dog
-That thing you were trying to figure out that you think I might know, or be able to figure out and write a blog post about
-Facebook Scrabble
-Your hot date
-Your horrible date
 -This whole vampire craze- yea or nay?
-The lady who lives upstairs who is always moving her furniture (I probably can't help, but everybody needs to vent once in a while)

-Or just to say "hi!"

I promise to read every word and to do my best to get back to you, eventually (although it sometimes takes me a while to catch up!)

Email your thoughts, dreams or burning questions to: