Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pie in the Sky (or on a Bus)

We are traveling to Boston today for the holiday weekend, and I was stumped about how I was going to transport my Thanksgiving pies on the four-hour+ bus ride there without them getting squished or smashed in the process, so I trolled the Internet and cooking shops looking for a pie carrier. I was quite taken with the charming pie baskets I saw, but they seemed sort of big and unpractical for a little NYC apartment during the 364 days of the year that I am not transporting pies.
Instead I found these great bamboo steamers (available at any cooking store), which are the perfect size to hold a pie plate, and stack to protect multiple pies (or cakes). They also vent nicely, which will keep the pies from getting soggy on the trip. Once the goodies are inside, I'll just tie a ribbon around the stack to hold it all together. It also makes a cute way to package a pie or cake for a hostess gift.

And once the holidays are over, I might actually use it to steam vegetables, or something.

Addendum: After a seven hour trip, we arrived to discover a bit of a pumpkin pie mudslide had occurred. I think the lesson in this is just don't try to take pies on a bus. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Gecko said...

Those pie baskets are too cool, Lily.
My grandmother had one I managed to rescue. I suppose that generation knew a thing or two.