Friday, August 7, 2009

Talent Show

Since we got Skipper, and I am watching as she makes such quick strides with learning the basics, like all, um, mothers, I have started to see unlimited potential in her. What sorts of hidden talents is she harboring? Luckily, YouTube has provided some inspiration for what I should be aspiring to for her. Like, maybe she'll turn out to be an awesome surfer!

Since we're close to the ocean very often, maybe she would be better off learning how to skateboard like this little dude. However, I do have some concerns that she would start wearing her pants too low and become a little punk.

And this New York woman taught her dog how to read. Needless to say, I have hired her to help me train Skipper. I have pretty high hopes for her literacy.

When it comes to helping my doggy excel and thrive, I am, well, dogged.


Anonymous said...

Kute Kirov-like K-nines and kitty.Kool.

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