Thursday, August 13, 2009

Once Bitten...

To me, summer vacation means days spent on a sunny dock by a lake, (highly competitive) ping-pong and paddle tennis with my family, and nightly cocktail hours on the porch. My mom (who is affectionately called "the Shark") has long mixed up a dark-rum cocktail dubbed the "Sharkbite". It's a booze-and-juice concoction that is refreshing, a little tropical, and a lot delicious. It tastes like something fancy you would pay a lot for poolside at a hotel, but only takes a second to mix up, and can be made individually or by the pitcher, depending on how much fun you want to have tonight. Bite me.

Sharkbite Cocktails
2 shots Myers's dark rum
orange juice
1 dash grenadine

Pour all ingredients over ice and garnish with a slice of orange.


Anonymous said...

Made this for friends last night- pitcher full. So delicious you can hardly taste any alcohol.

Thanks Lil! And thanks to "The Shark."

PS: What happened to yesterday's post?

Anonymous said...

I just made this too- but instead of Orange juice- substituted freshly juiced pineapple, lemon and ginger. Oh, it was nectar of the Gods. Thanks Charmed Wife.