Monday, August 24, 2009

Jammin' Jammies

Sure, there are evenings that call for silky negligee, or old, worn-in, sweatpants and an oversize t-shirt, but ever since I saw Claudette Colbert win over Clark Gable while sporting them in It Happened One Night, I have viewed crisp, classic, cotton pajamas to be the height of sleepwear. They are charming at the Sunday breakfast table, totally appropriate for middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom during visits to the in-laws, and not embarrassing if you ever have to evacuate your hotel room due to an overactive fire alarm. And, I promise, for many men, they are just as alluring on you as some silly scratchy-lace teddy contraption. I insist on 100 percent cotton -- flannel is too hot for me and silk is too slippery -- and for sleeping, my taste runs to subtle, soft whites and blues (although almost all of the options shown below are available in bolder colors and patterns if you insist on sporting cheetah-print while you slumber). But no matter which ones you choose you will be comfortable, cute, and subtly sexy for whatever happens one night.

{click on image to enlarge}

left to right: Liberty print pjs, $234, from Bed Head; Classic blue-stripe men's pajamas, $79.50, from Brooks Brothers; Cotton stripes pjs, $39, from Victoria's Secret; "Lauren" floral-print pajama set, $64, from Pine Cone Hill; Donna Nadeau white cotton pajamas, on sale for $33, from; Camisole pajama set, $149, from Eberjey.

{click on image to enlarge}

Left to right: Classic (very soft) Derek Rose men's cotton pjs, on sale for $104, from Sierra Trading Post; White "Mumbai" pajamas, on sale for $120, from Natori; Oscar de la Renta stretch cotton pjs, $190, from Saks Fifth Avenue; Mandarin-collar "Madeline" pjs, $75, from Pine Cone Hill; Classic stripe pajamas, by Lauren from Ralph Lauren, $82, from


Everyday Mama said...

How, oh, how do you get the photos to post like that? Me and @AlmostMexican want to know!
I just love your site - so creative :)

Lily said...

Hi Christine! Thanks so much for the compliments!
I use Adobe illustrator to compile the photos into one jpeg file before I upload it (that's also how I make my banners). If you don't have Illustrator, you can do the same thing with the free software from Inkscape.

Good luck!