Friday, August 28, 2009

The Supremes

Have you ever wondered how, at fancy restaurants, they are able to get their little orange slices so perfect with none of the skin or membrane on them? Well, I did. So I sent out my Research Department to figure it out. And do you know what I, er, they found? It is a surprisingly easy and fun process, and there is even a special chef-y term for it: It's called supreme-ing the orange. These flawless little citrus wedges add that certain je ne sais quoi to goat cheese salads, desserts, fruit salad, etc. that really makes it seem like you know what you're doing in the kitchen. Just follow the steps below and you, too, will be supremeing like a pro. By the way, if you're wondering why there is only one hand shown in these shots (typically, if you have one available, you would use the other hand to hold the fruit steady), it's because my Research Department is also my in-house chef, and also my in-house photographer.

I think I need an intern. Or maybe a tripod.

Step 1: Slice the top and bottom off of the orange.

Step 2: Place the orange on one flat end, and slice downward, cutting the rest of the rind off in strips.

Step 3: Slice just to the left and right of each membrane, freeing each prefect wedge. Orange you glad you know how to do this, now?


Anonymous said...

Cute post. A quick and delicious dessert is to take your "supremed" orange slices, pour orange liquor on them~ then top with sugar. Major yum- light and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

You could also substitute Grand Marnier if you didn't have Orange Liquor. Great dessert tip- thanks.

Lily said...

Yum. I might also add some whipped cream to achieve that boozy Creamsicle effect.

Anonymous said...

Major yumminess. If you try this- please post photo for us!