Monday, August 17, 2009

Hanky Panky

Of all of the "outdated" items that are making a comeback these days, the last one you might expect is the handkerchief. Mention the idea of a hanky to a lot of people, and it will inspire disgusted memories of infrequently-washed loogie-filled rags carried around in a great-uncle's pocket. But with the trend towards green living, suddenly new, attractive hankies are showing up everywhere. And if you can look past the "snot factor," they are actually really useful and functional objects. I carry hankies around in my purse all the time- not for nose-blowing (I have tissues for that), but because they are great for a million other uses, from cleaning up spills to wiping off my sunglasses or camera lens to drying my hands in public restrooms. Once you put one in your pocket, you'll be amazed at all the ways you find yourself using it. So get hip to the hanky.

For cute hankies, check out these sites:
Hank and Cheef
Elegant Linens
Ebay (for pretty vintage ones!)
Happy Hanky

P.S. Sorry I missed last Friday's post- now it can be told that we were on vacation last week. Haha- I outsmarted you, Twitter-and-blog-reading house-robbers!


Unknown said...

I love that you're talking about hankies! I've carried and collected hankies for years...I loved them so much that I started my own hanky line called Happy Hanky! They are incredibly eco-chic and I've been getting a great response from people. Check them out when you have a chance at and let me know what you think!

Lily said...

Colleen- So cute! I added your site to the post. Good luck!