Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cool Collars and Luxe Leashes

During the time leading up to our adoption of Skipper, I wasn't sure what breed or gender or color of dog I wanted, or even what size. All I knew for sure was that, no matter what kind of dog we ended up with, I would never be one of those dog owners who dresses their dogs in tutus and carries them around in a designer handbag. A dog is a dog, I asserted, not a doll with which to play dress-up.

But then we brought Skipper home with her standard-issue plain-Jane Petco nylon leash and collar, and suddenly, I found myself wanting more for her. We had given her a new lease on life, why not a new leash, too? After all, she's a Manhattan lady, now, and she deserves to sport something a little more stylish. Don't get me wrong, I'm not painting her toenails hot pink right now or anything (she wouldn't hold still long enough for them to dry, anyway), and I still believe that a dog is a dog (If there is something disgusting on the ground, she's going to roll in it whether you have her in an Ed Hardy outfit or not), but I don't think there's anything wrong with giving your pooch a leash and collar with a little pizazz. So, like many first-time pet owners before me, I have stumbled unwittingly into a whole new world of merchandise, and found it very appealing. Fittingly, I have recently purchased Skipper a "Sailor's Knot" (get it? Skipper? Sailor?) collar and leash. And I am sure she will look paws-atively fetching.
From top: "Lucky Horseshoe" and "Eco-Sport" leashes (made from %100 recycled material), $24 each, matching collars are $18 each, from Mascot; "Agra" collars, $14-18 each, matching leash is $22, from Harry Barker; "Sailor's Knot" leash (this is the one Skipper will soon be modeling), $42, matching collar is $38, from Mascot;"Deauville" collars $16-18 each, matching leashes are $22, from Harry Barker; Braided leather collar, $55, matching leashes are $65, from Canine Styles.

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