Friday, April 10, 2009

Overcoming Our Differences

Nothing warms my shackles like the story of an inter-species friendship. I don't just mean a symbiotic relationship of convenience like hippos and those birds that ride around on their backs, or humans and the bacteria that live in our intestines, I mean a real friendship. Something about animals totally going against nature in choosing their best buds creates a very poignant message about setting aside our difference and just trying to love one another. Of course, it's not really sustainable on a broader scale: I mean, if, all of a sudden, frogs and snow leopards were hanging out together and blow fish were cruising around holding fins with sharks, it would really throw off the whole food chain pretty badly and have disastrous repercussions. So don't think about it too much- just feel it. Happy Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Shades of Hannibal in that snow prone refuge.One has a tendency to conjure up John Huston or Ava Gardner stalking one of those lovely critters in an intensely hot African Bush setting and not wearing a Laplanders head dress.And what a festive shade that earmuff is too.
Congratulations on your new Luddite friendly comment section.