Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A New Direction

So, I have a confession. I've pretty much been faking it since January, and that chicken recipe from yesterday pretty much represents the end of what I know. I've been writing this blog for about five months now, and I feel like I'm pretty much tapped out on the domesticity stuff. I mean, I've only been a wife for a year and a half, and a housewife for less than that- the well of my accumulated knowledge only runs so deep.

So I'm thinking of changing the direction of the blog for a while, at least until I can learn some more things about domesticity. I have a few ideas for what the new blog will focus on, and I want to get your input on what you would find the most interesting.

1. The first idea would be to feature daily profiles of cosmopolitan cats from around the world. I would call it "Kitties from Different Cities". I know that cats are a popular subject in the blog world, but I have really only seen American cats in what is out there, and furthermore, those cats didn't even seem to speak English very well. The cats I would profile would be more sophisticated and urbane.... more worldly, purrrrhaps. (Please let me know if you are acquainted with any foreign felines that would make good subjects).

2. The second option would be to dedicate the blog to investigating a mystery that has perplexed many of us for years- How Did Dinosaurs Mate? On I would interview various experts in the field (I live pretty close to the Natural History Museum, so keep in mind that this option is also very convenient for me), as well as providing my own insightful commentary on the subject (for instance: I know dinosaurs laid eggs, but which came first the carcharodontosaurus or the egg?) As a bone-us, I feel this topic would give me lots of untapped opportunity for puns and wordplay.

3. A third, more symbolic option would be to dedicate the blog to collecting photos of broken umbrellas from around the world. I can think of few objects that speak more of hopelessness, desperation and man's eternal struggle against nature than a broken umbrella, and, like most of you, I just can't get enough of looking at them.

Okay! I am sure you are all as excited as I am, so please click here to cast your votes for the topic of my new blog!

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