Friday, April 3, 2009

I Heart... Monograms

Like most preppy people, I derive a certain amount of pleasure from things that have my monogram on them. I think, in my case, it stems from never having been able to find my name among all the Jessicas and Jennifers on the rack of personalized pencils and mini license-plate key chains as a child in the '80s. Now, of course, you can't walk by a playground without tripping over a Lily (it's the #10th most popular baby name and climbing the charts), but back then, I ranked #747th, back with the made- up names people came up with by shaking a Boggle cube.

Monograms are more personal and more grown-up versions of those "personalized" items, with the added bonus that strangers on the street don't know your first name just because you have it imprinted on your Minnie Mouse fanny pack. And there are so many great online vendors providing easy and quick monogramming services, now, that you can get almost anything monogrammed, and you can choose a monogram style to suit almost anyone. One more reason to go monogramous.

Nautical melamine plates: four for $100, from Horchow. "Belle Pois" bed linens: (starting at $80) from Schweitzer Linens. Umbrella: $31 from Morgan & Company. Needlepoint loafers: $158 from By Paige.


tiana16 said...

oooh, "monogramous"? i dunno...i think you're really pushing it here lil. haha

Lily said...

Ha! You know me- there's no such thing as a bad pun. "Pushing it" is the name of my game.

Andy said...

Charmed Wife,
Why do they put the last initial in the middle?
Dopey Dad

Lily said...

I think you put the last initial larger in the middle to give prominence to the family name (this tradition was obviously invented for people whose last name isn't "Fink"). But remember- if you're putting the three letters all the same size, then they go in order- first, middle, last.