Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Who says calligraphy is only for special occasions? I ask you: why not use it to pretty up the things you use every day?

Once upon a time, when we moved in to our new apartment, the previous owners left us a shelved armoire that had been custom-built to fit in the corner of our bedroom. We bought these great stacking organizers from the Container Store to hold all of our odds and ends, but, since they all look alike, we had to root around to find anything in them.

One day I was running late ("per usual", rang out the chorus), and could not find my strapless bra to save my life; it was the bra that broke the camel's back. I started to make a move for my label maker, but I felt like my dainties deserved better.
Instead, I bought these inexpensive brass label holders, and had my lovely friend (and wedding calligrapher) Nancy Howell write up the labels in her gorgeous script (she also did the calligraphy on my new banner!).
Now everything is beautifully labeled and easily found. And we (and my strapless bra) have lived happily ever after.

How to install brass label plates:
1. Measure your box to find the center, and mark where screws should go.
2. Use a drill with a very small bit to pre-drill where the little screws will go.
3. Screw the plate onto the drawer or organizer. See how easy?

Next project: calligraphy in the circuit-breaker box.

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