Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've Got You Covered

I know this isn't going to help my 50s-housewife-in-a-time-warp image, but I'm a huge fan of aprons (yep, me and June Cleaver). Yeah, they're girly and old-fashioned, but the thing about aprons is that they make a lot of sense. I like nice clothes and I'm a slobby cook — without aprons those elements of my personality would be a disastrous combination resulting in triple-digit dry cleaning bills.
Happily, gone are the days where my only option would be an unflattering "Kiss the Cook" number; there are tons of stylish and attractive aprons on the market now. Sometimes, I think they even make my outfit cuter. And wearing an apron in the kitchen gives whatever you cook are air of legitimacy that I truly believe makes it taste better - you might as well be wearing one of those chef hats. And I'm pretty sure that the sight of a woman in heels and an apron falls squarely on every man's fantasy list (whereas the sight of a woman in a chef hat...not so much). I love to give aprons as housewarming or bridal shower presents, and I even gave one to my mom last Mother's Day (which I end up wearing myself whenever I cook at home).

{click on the image to enlarge}
1. Red polka dot half apron, $32, from Gourmand Apron Creations; 2. Floral apron with green ruffles, $32, from Anthropologie; 3. Laminated stripe apron, $25, from Gourmand Apron Creations; 4. Yellow floral apron, $30, from Flirty Aprons; 5. Ruffled rose-pattern apron, $45, from Williams Sonoma; 6. Blue roses apron, $29, from Elizabeth's Embellishments; 7. Aqua polka dot half apron, $47, from Daisy Shoppe; 8. Navy stripe apron, $20, from Sur la Table; 9. Pleated pink half apron, $18, from Florence Adams; 10. Hot pink ruffled apron, $62, from Haute Hostess; 11. Green paisley patchwork half apron, $45, from Progeny; 12. Cheery cherry half apron, $31, from Jessie Steele. Photo above: Cupcake ruffled half apron, $22 from Splendid Minta on Etsy.

Above is a roundup of some of the cutest aprons available online now. My next project is to start sewing my own- I'll keep you updated with patterns and how-tos when I get around to it. And remember, eBay also always has a great selection of real vintage ones, which can be even more charming. Tie one on!


Anonymous said...

these aprons are simply darling and i love what you have to say a about them. question:my hubby sometimes cooks so what do you think of my getting him a cute apron with ants on it, or something along that line? he won't wear mine and he keeps messing up his clothes when he's at the stove. thanks!

MistyBlue said...

Love your blog! Since you like really stylish aprons, check out the ones on Etsy. They are all handmade and really adorable; some sellers will custom make one for you, and the prices are very reasonable. The whole Etsy site is a treasure, but don't blame me if you end up spending hours there! : )