Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute Outfits: Well-Traveled

With friends and family sprinkled all over the map, my husband and I end up as frequent fliers (and train-ers, and drivers, and bus-ers). This weekend marks the first of the seven weddings we will be attending this social season, so in addition to my outfits for the wedding events themselves, I am also carefully selecting my travel outfit. After many unpleasant security-line experiences rushing to remove jewelry and belts, and unlace unnecessarily complicated boots, I've become a bit more savvy in the fine art of navigating the convoluted security regulations, while still looking cute and being comfortable. Come fly the fashion-friendly skies.

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1. & 9. Dressing in layers allows you to temperature self-regulate, unlike those unreliable little air vents. An ultra-soft tee, and tailored-looking jacket (that's actually a sweatshirt) do the trick. Splendid long-sleeved tee, $55, available from Intermix; fleece double-breasted jacket, $69.50, from Delia's.

2. & 5. Stick to plastic and resin jewelry, and you won't have to worry about setting off alarm bells. Plastic red rosette earrings, $12, from Urban Outfitters; Red striped bangle, $44, from Betsey Johnson, available from

3. Throw an over-sized scarf around your neck. It will double as a light blanket once you're in your seat. Purple ikat scarf, $24.50, from the Gap.

4. Nice big sunglasses will make you look chic even after you've spent hours passed out on a tray table. Big black sunglasses, $400 from Chanel, available from Popular Glasses.

6. & 7. Stylish flats are comfortable enough for the tight-connection 100-meter dash, and slip right off for easy passage through security. Just remember to toss a pair of comfy socks in your tote in case your feet get chilly at 10,000 feet. Embroidered flats, $190, from Marc by Marc Jacobs, available from Piper Lime; Red-toed cotton socks, $7.50 from Banana Republic.

8. Whoever started the falsehood that jeans are generally comfortable must have spent the rest of her time wearing a too-small corset made out of cactus quills. These wide-leg stretchy trouser jeans are actually comfortable, and the dark wash will hide the coffee and melted chocolate that might land in your lap mid-flight. "Ginger" jeans, $137, from Seven for All Mankind, available from Bluefly.

10., 11., 12., 13., & 14. A large handbag (aka "personal item") carries all of your toys, as well as your wallet and make-up bag and stashes easily under the seat, allowing you to take your overnight bag as your carry-on. For my all-purpose packing list, click here. A Kindle, Noise-Cancelling Headphones, and a loaded iPod will make the trip fly by. And I never travel anywhere without an eye mask (especially overnight!). Colorful printed tote bag, $230, from Anthropologie; ProductRed iPod Nano, starting at $150, from Apple, Amazon Kindle2, $359, from; QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, $299, from Bose; silk eyemask, $13.25, from Mary Green.

Bon Voyage!

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