Monday, May 3, 2010

Screen Queen

 You know how sometimes, when you are cleaning your dryer lint screen and it's hard to get the lint to come off the screen? So you end up rubbing your fingers all over it, trying to get it to come off? Well, here is the solution: After each screen cleaning, save a pinch of the lint. Then next time, rub the saved lint on the screen, and it will pull the new load's lint right off like a magnet. This also prevents your finger oils from getting all over the screen, which will eventually cause it to get clogged up and require replacement.

 Right about now you are probably thinking, Is this tip worthy of a whole blog post? But sometimes it's the little daily frustrations that seem insignificant and not worth blogging about which are the ones that stack up and clump together and eventually clog the screen of your mental sanity. So consider your screens cleaned- both actually and metaphorically.  You're welcome.

 (And yes, that is my veiny, fat, red hand in this picture- nice, right?)


Karen said...

I've been following your blog for awhile and I love it! :)

My trick is to use the used dryer sheet from that load to pick up all the lint and then it's all in the sheet and you fold it up like a ball and in the trash. No tiny little lint stuck on your fingers or hands and you get enough friction to get all the little pieces!

Anonymous said...

Like cleans like is a good rule of thumb. Love your blog!!!

KK said...

The dryer sheet also works well :)