Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drinko de Mayo

I'm getting a little old (or maybe just a little lame) for heavy midweek drinking, which is why I was disappointed to learn that Cinco de Mayo (that's May 5th for those of you who are uniligual) falls on a Wednesday this year. But I'm not one to let another country's national holidays an opportunity for a theme party go uncelebrated (you should see me on Bastille Day) no matter how inconvenient the timing is for me. So, this year,  I've come up with an elegant solution. Instead of drinking a pitcher-full of overly-sweet, stomach-souring margaritas that will render me useless tomorrow, this year I'll be toasting Mexico's independence Mexico's victory at the Battle of Puebla with a lighter, less-boozy, (but arguably equally festive) libation: The Chelada. 
There are tons of ways to make a chelada: some people insist on Clamato juice and Worcestershire sauce as essential ingredients, but I usually find the most simple is the best- just fresh lime juice, beer and salt- it's like a bubbly, refreshing margarita without the hangover. Like if lemonade and beer had a baby. Which means I'll be in great shape for Seis de Mayo.

1/4 cup fresh-squeezed lime juice + 1 wedge of lime
1 light-flavored beer (Corona and Dos Equis work nicely, but Budwieser or Coors will do in a pinch)
margarita salt

What You Do:
1. Run lime wedge around the rim of a pint glass. Put rim into bowl of salt, to rim edge.
2. Fill glass with ice and pour lime juice and beer into the glass (I know it may seem sacreligious to pour beer over ice, but don't knock it til you try it). Garnish with lime wedge.
3. Fiesta!


BondGirl said...

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independance Day (That would be September 19th). It's a day commemorating La Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla) which is the U.S. equivalent of celebrating the Battle of Gettysburg or whatever happened in The Alamo. This is an American holiday and not celebrated in Mexico (or even acknowledged) -- it's just a big thing to third generation Mexican-Americans and my fellow gringos.

Love your blog by the way... =)

Jade said...

Lil! California girl!
Cinco de Mayo does not commemorate Mexicos Independence...
That's September 16!
Check out my post today ;)
missed you the other day!

Lily said...

Naturally, I'm mortified. My head fact-checker is fired, and so is the rest of my International Relations Department. I am correcting the error right now. Lo siento!

Jade said...

It's okay.
We still love you!
And Jake LOVES that dog you made for him.

SFDC said...

Interesting, this is the first I've heard it termed "Chilada." Maybe it's a regional difference? I must say, I think I would prefer a Michelada, basically a Bloody Mary with beer rather than booze. Dios mio, on a hot day...there's nothing like it. Ole!

Lily said...

@SFDC It's a variation on a theme- "michelada" just means "my chelada" (which in turn, means "cold one"). Kind of like how some people make margaritas with sour mix and seltzer, and other people make them with orange juice and triple sec. I think the key here is the beer- I've had the tomato juice version (it's an excellent "hair of the dog", but for a summer night, the lime, salt and ice version is just right.
Thanks for all the comments, peeps! I should be wrong more often...

Unknown said...

I read this post after you had made all of the corrections, and I thought you were doing it on purpose to point out how many people are confused about Cinco de Mayo.

"Seis de Mayo" - love it