Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Styles: In the Nude

Most of the time, writing this blog is one of the high points of my day. It is my hobby and my great escape. But, for some reason, all the pleasure and joy I take in blogging goes out the window on Fridays, like a miracle in reverse. So my latest solution to this problem is to start a new feature: Friday Styles. These posts will feature something that I own that I think is awesome, and that I think you should probably buy, too. Hopefully, this will also help me rediscover all the great stuff I have stashed away in my place, and remember to be grateful for it. I hope you enjoy.

 Have you ever found something, out of the blue, that turned out to be just exactly the thing you needed, without your even having realized that you needed it? That was the case for me when I found these nude crocodile heels from Kate Spade on ridiculous super-sale at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. Frankly, when I first spotted them on the rack, I didn't think they were much to look at- in a sea of wildly colored and patterned shoes, who would be drawn to boring old tan? But put the right nude shoe on your foot, and suddenly you'll feel like Cinderella. Or, rather, suddenly you'll feel like Cinderella's tall, leggy, stepsister. Something about a nude shoe makes your legs look a million miles long, even if your physical build is naturally less than statuesque. Seriously- you'll look like you could kick the moon, if you were so inclined. And, because they are so neutral, they look good with everything, from a flowy floral dress to a power suit.
But keep in mind that you have to find the right nude shoe. The color of the shoe should be close to your skin tone, but not an exact match (which could make you look like you have mutant club feet, instead of never-ending gams), so your right "nude" shoe might actually be beige or chocolate brown. And a little platform adds comfort, which is key because, trust me, you are going to be wearing these babies a lot. Here are some of my picks for great nude shoes available right now (sadly, my lovelies are no longer available in non-discount stores).

 1. "Pompadour" by Charles by Charles David, $100, from; 2. "Maddielyn" by Type Z, $74, from; 3. "Peekpump" by Stuart Weitzman, $325, from; 4. "Jocelyn" by Charles David, $250, from; 5. "Carmen" by Kate Spade, $295, from; 6."Jacey" by Gabriella Rocha, $54, from; 7. "Napoli" by Franco Sarto, $89, from; 8. "Karolina" by Kate Spade, $298, from

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog today (and left a comment earlier on your "Carrots" post). Now I'm totally hooked -- LOVE, LOVE, love those shoes!! I've left the post up all afternoon just so I can glance at those shoes every once in a while and be reminded that yes, in fact, all IS right with the world.

Also, I think "fabulize" is a fantastic word. :) Looking forward to tomorrow's Friday Style!