Friday, May 21, 2010

Go Ask Alice

Sometimes I feel like my husband's and my dog's personal assistant-  if I'm not picking up the one's dry cleaning, I'm keeping track of the other's vaccination appointments. Which is all well and good (I mean, I know what I signed up for with this homemaker gig), but sometimes I wish I had my own personal assistant to remind me to schedule a haircut or that we are running out of paper towels.

Thankfully, I have discovered, whatever one's problem might be, there is some internet geek out there working on a solution in the form of a genius new website. So while I still have to monitor my own split ends (for now), the brilliant minds behind have got me covered on the paper towels (and toilet paper, and dishwashing soap, and moisturizer...) is like the dry goods/drug store of your dreams- they carry thousands of great products (a huge number of them eco-friendly), and deliver them to your door with quick, free, shipping (and the prices are lower than my neighborhood brick-and-mortars).  What's more, they keep track of your favorite products and how often you go through them, so they can send you a reminder to stock up on tissues seconds before you pull the last one from the box. It would almost be creepy, if it weren't so darned helpful.

Hey, internet nerds, can one of you come up with a website that puts away my husband's socks next? Thanks.

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Blessed Rain said...

Very nice!

I am 30 and have been a stay at home mama for five years. I cook, clean, bake and attempt to sew!
In the last 7 months I have also started writing a dream of mine that never would have come true if I had continued to work!

You are not alone - we exist just living below the radar!