Friday, July 10, 2009

Have Undies, Will Travel

There's something about traveling that allows us to explore parts of our personalities that we rarely tap into at home: A homebody might become a wild night-clubber, or a type-A might spend hours doing nothing on the beach. In my case, this travel-induced schizophrenia manifests itself in the form of (very uncharacteristic) hyper-0rganization. You've all witnessed my overly fastidious packing and leaving-the-house checklists- Now I present to you my other can't-live-without travel organization secret: Lingerie bags.
While, at home, I frequently have no idea where my strapless bra is, and I often rewash piles of clean laundry because they have gotten mixed with the dirty piles, and I could not care less. But, when I'm on vacation, the thought of not being able to find something in my suitcase or, worse, clean-dirty laundry fraternization, practically gives me hives.

To that end, I employ a two-sided zipped bag (one side for bras and one for undies, or one for clean and the other for dirty). It keeps unmentionables from slipping out when I'm rummaging for my toiletries in the security line, and makes them oh-so-easy to find. My lovely future sister-in-law also recently gifted me with a zippered bag that is lined with plastic, for transporting wet bathing suits home from the beach or pool without getting everything else in your bag all (gag) moist.

Here are some online resources that sell super cute lingerie and bathing suit bags for all your vacays this summer.

If you're cheap, or just totally broke, you can always just use a clean (preferably good-smelling) pillowcase to serve the same function. As a bonus, when you get to that seedy beach motel, you can swap their sketchy case for your nice, fresh one. But, then what do you do with your undies? That will throw you anal-retentives into a quandary. Or, maybe not.

From top: Pink geometric-patterned swimsuit bag, $28, from Lapin Vilardi; Orange floral lingerie bag, $36 from Lapin Vilardi; "Before and After" lingerie bag, $40, from Dogeared; Two-pocket zebra stripe bikini bag, $30, from Anna Moi; His-and-hers swimsuit bags (so cute for a honeymoon!), $20 each, from Zazendi; Personalized zipper bags (have them embroidered with "clean" and "dirty"), $75, from The Monogram Shops.


Allie-Chat said...

I cannot sing it enough, 'you izzz bril-li-ant'.

tiana16 said...

and what a great gift idea! I think I may have to steal this idea for the next several bridal shower & birthday gifts I have to give : )