Monday, July 27, 2009

Shoe, Meet Arm (& Hammer)

There are plenty of wonderful things about being married to a preppy guy: He can take you sailing. He knows how to tie his own bow tie. He looks good in pink... However, there is one big negative that arises every summer- the dreaded smell of boat shoes worn sans socks. Sure, they look cute, with their ankle-grazing khakis and popped collars, but the second that one preppy foot slides out of that one preppy shoe, flowers wilt for miles around, and bloodhounds start jumping off of bridges.

But one need not suffer in pearl-bedecked silence. There is a miraculous solution that works for all smelly shoes- be they running shoes, pumps, high-tops, over-the-knee stripper boots, snorkeling flippers or Rollerblades. Allow me to reacquaint you to a product that needs no introduction, your friend and mine: Baking Soda. Simply pour half a cup of the white powder directly onto the insoles of each of the shoes (you may need to wear a clothespin on your nose to get that close), and let sit overnight. In the morning, pour the baking soda out and wipe the inside of the shoe with a paper towel. Like some kind of miracle, the baking soda will have absorbed all of the odor - kind of like it does in your fridge, only more... footy.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, one sees the earnings of Nike and Sperry Topsiders declining during this quarter. This Arm and Hammer tip could also affect our autumnal urban /suburban aerial views.The" end of summer flinging the old pair of aromatic summer play shoes over our neighborhood telephone lines " is a treasured American ritual .It evokes the whiff of burning leaves .But this tip could give the aromatics a second summer and thus ,diminish all that abundance, swaying on the wires above those "alternate side of the street " parked cars. The atmosphere of the"season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" changed once more .Thank you Charmed Wife.

Gecko said...

Though I have been forbidden to touch the running shoes of himself, I am grateful beyond words for this hot tip and will let you know how it turns out.