Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Earn Your Stripes

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It may have become apparent in my earlier fashion posts that I have a real soft-spot for stripes. There is something about them that is nautical and playful, pulled-together and casual, all at the same time. While I won't go so far as to say that the "horizontal stripes make you look wide" thing is a complete myth, but I will say that it's all about finding the right stripe for you. And, hey, in some cases, like for we ladies who are a little less-well-endowed in the bosom department, "looking wide" doesn't sound like such a bad thing. Just don't overdo it- stick to one stripe or pattern and pair it with solids (like a nice wide-leg white pant, if you want to complete the sailor-inspired look).

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Interested in striking that perfect summery balance between dressy and casual? Get in line.

Top photo, left to right: Grey striped wrap sweater, $134, by Splendid from Zappos.com; Green striped dress, $178, from Anthropologie; Striped vintage-style bikini top and bottom, $98 each, from Anthropologie; Striped top dress, $128, from Boden USA; Navy striped sweater, $15, from Old Navy. Bottom photo, left to right: Red-striped jersey dress, $20, from American Eagle; Wool striped jacket, $138, from Free People; Nautical striped top, $32.50, from J.Crew; Festive pink-and-orange stripe bangle, $71, from Kate Spade; Ruffle top dress, $89, by Ella Moss, from Barneys Co-op; Playful nautical dress, $171, by Betsey Johnson from Zappos.com.

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