Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fresh Mint(.com)

Think of a money-related mistake and I have probably made it: forgotten credit card bills, accidental subscriptions in credit monitoring services, failure to catch billing mistakes, overdrawn checking accounts, carelessness with personal information resulting in identity theft... you name it. Although I have learned from all of these experiences (and I promise I'll never make them again, dad), the world of personal finance has always seemed overly complicated. Even with automated bill pay and all of the modern conveniences available today, it can be a pain remembering all the different passwords, and trying to consolidate and track your spending and saving.

Enter Set up a free account with this website, and it will keep track of all of your balances and bills for you, in one place. The site creates and tracks a detailed monthly budget for you based on your income, tracks your stock market investments (if you're the gambling type), and sends you reminders for all of the bills that come due (among other features I haven't figured out yet). It takes away all the stress (and all the excuses) of responsibly managing your money. And it's even endorsed by personal-finance guru Suze Orman, whose word is probably more valuable than, say, that of someone who once had to split a dinner check between three maxed out credit cards and $7 cash from the bottom of my purse. Yep, I've done that, too.


Christine said...

What a neat tool! Excited to try this - thanks for the tip!

Jade said...

Getting set up...
This is a really great site.
Thank YOU!