Friday, July 31, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution

When I was a preteen (in the days before they were called "tweens"), I had a group of like-minded girlfriends with whom I would spend long summer days choreographing dance routines, which we would then perform for all of our siblings and parents (much to their extreme delight, I am sure). We expressed ourselves through movement to such notable hits as "Stand By Me" ( a dance which involved a lot of, you guessed it, standing by one another), Whitney Houston's "The Queen of the Night", and, in our most critically lauded performance, "Jump" by Kriss Kross, for which we all wore our pants backwards. Watch out, Martha Graham.

Here is a music video from the band OK Go, the gentlemen who brought us the much-more-widely-seen (but sadly un-bloggable) Treadmill Dance. These guys clearly understand the good time that can be had with a little imagination and some slammin' moves. Just TRY not to smile while you watch it- it gets me every time (especially the fight sequence- genius!).

If you get a little bored this weekend, get some of your grooviest (or geekiest) friends together, pick out an upbeat tune, and cook up a little magic in motion. I dare you not to have a blast.


Chloe said...

You forgot straight up now tell me by Paula!!!! I mean really!

Anonymous said...

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