Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pretty Viddy

This music video from Israeli artist Oren Lavie is so creative and beautiful to look at. I spotted it on Creature Comforts blog and had to share it with you people. Makes me want to take a nap.


Unknown said...

hey lil-

great post!
But, on an unrelated topic, I thought you could shed some light on a debate Amy and I are having... proper coffee storage. So we are convenience driven and therefore buy our coffee pre ground (I know red flags) in those packaged bags. The question is, should we store it in the bag forcing all the extra air out and sealing it tightly or dump it into a sealed glass container? I also read light could be a freshness factor? Please help, our domestic happiness is at stake:) thanks!

Lily said...

Good question, Kim! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, in which I shall solve your domestic dispute once and for all!