Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Want One

My brother sent me a link to this video and I thought it had to be fake, but then I saw it on TV the other day. My fingers are itching to buy buy buy because I don't want a boring tuna OR a boring life.

Here's my hesitation, though- all the veggies seem to be cut down to a smaller size with a knife before they go in the SlapChop. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

I do have some frustrations I'd like to slap slap slap away, though.


tiana16 said...

exciting tuna = exciting life. i'm so glad I know have that all figured out.

vacanti said...

My favorite line was:

"You're going to love my nuts."

Lily said...

That guy's got moxie! I would like to see a sell-off between him and Billy Mays, the OxiClean/AwesomeAuger guy. Except by the end, I would probably be broke.