Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Butter

If you ask me, butter is proof that there is a God. Anything that is the key ingredient in making croissants and pie crusts moist and flaky, and can make anything, from vegetables to roast turkeys taste so rich and creamy must be heaven-sent.

When I was three years-old, I once was caught sneaking a stick of butter from the fridge and eating it like popsicle. That's how much I love butter. And my favorite butter of all is Plugra. Plugra has a higher fat content than other domestically-produced butters (82% instead of 80%), which reduced the amount of water in it, resulting in 2% more extra deliciousness in any dish. Seriously- baked goods rise better, and the butterfat melts faster, making it superior for all baking and cooking.

I recommend cooking with unsalted butter, which allows you to control the amount of saltiness in your food more precisely by adding it separately. Plus, most baking calls for unsalted butter, and using salted instead can really mess up the recipe.

I usually keep about a stick's worth (1/2 cup) soft on the counter for cooking and spreading on toast (then sprinkle with coarse sea salt- yum!), and at least 2 or 3 extra packs in the fridge. You know- for snacking.


Chloe said...

We love our Plugra as well! It's only one I buy!!!!!

Gecko said...

Didn't your Mom write and ode to Plugra once?

Gecko said...

...opps, an ode to Plugra.

Lily said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! And neither does the stick of butter, it seems. Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...