Monday, February 9, 2009

Palm Beach-y Keen

While a lot of you were enjoying a nearly-record warm spell in the Northeast this weekend, my husband and I got a taste of some clouds and cool temps in Palm Beach, Florida. The sun didn't really break through until mid-day Sunday, but we rushed poolside and I still managed to get a little sunburn. And I'd still take my weekend over yours- no offense.

We stayed at the Breakers Resort, which is a gorgeous old-school luxury spot that's been around for 100 years. Here, I'm standing in the long entry to the hotel (and no, I'm not pregnant or putting on weight- a gust of wind made my blouse fly out like that- I probably should have photoshopped). While resort vacations might seem like an unnecessary luxury these days, there are tons of great deals to be had all over the warm-weather world. Check out or for surprisingly good deals on hotels and plane tickets.

While one might feel compelled to never leave the resort (there are croquet and bocce courts and a spa and an insane breakfast buffet that costs a majillion dollars and 50 swimming pools- okay, five), it would be a shame not to take in the spectacle of the town of Palm Beach.

Worth Avenue is home to almost every major luxury retailer, and the shops are tucked into pretty arcade gardens or under pastel-striped awnings, making for very pleasant window shopping (or actual shopping, you high roller, you). Even the pooches are pampered in Palm Beach- there are little doggie drinking fountains all over town!

And there are tons of great spots to eat (and not all of them a majillion dollars...) We ate at Cucina dell'Arte, a great Italian spot which turns into really fun bar after hours.

It felt terrific to grab my guy and split town for a couple of days of real downtime (especially since we'll be spending Valentine's Day in Utah skiing with a group 0f 20 friends! Fun? Yes. Romantic? No.)

More on Palm Beach Style later this week!

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