Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Styles: For the Dogs

Most of the time, writing this blog is one of the high points of my day. It is my hobby and my great escape. But, for some reason, all the pleasure and joy I take in blogging goes out the window on Fridays, like a miracle in reverse. So my latest solution to this problem is to start a new feature: Friday Styles. These posts will feature something that I own that I think is awesome, and that I think you should probably buy, too. Hopefully, this will also help me rediscover all the great stuff I have stashed away in my place, and remember to be grateful for it. I hope you enjoy.

I know that ever since we adopted our beagle, Skipper, I have turned into one of those new parents who gushes over every silly thing their little darling does as if it's worthy of national media coverage. I mean, I think my dog is a genius and the cutest thing that ever lived, but I'm not so far gone that I don't realize that you might not share my opinion when she jumps onto your lap, rips your tights and licks your face with kibble-breath.
And, as much as I love man's best friend, I was very resistant to all of the accessories one is required to acquire when one invites a canine to share one's abode. I tried to go minimalist, but once we got the crate, the bed, the bag, the bowls, the food bins, the baby gate, the leashes and, ugh, doggy clothes into our apartment, I realized that a 19-lb dog actually requires 100 lbs of junk. As I pondered this, I heard JM emit a long, tortured sigh from the other side of the mountain of dog stuff.
Happily, I found a charming and rich-looking dog bed that looks perfect on the oriental rug in our living room, at, of all places, Petco, for just $49. So much better looking than most of the standard-issue options, it's a plush, comfy spot where Skip loves to lounge. It's rugged enough that I can just run the vacuum over it, and the cover is removable, so I can wash it if it ever gets truly filthy. It's Skip's second-favorite place to sit in the living room. After your lap.

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