Friday, February 12, 2010

Everyday Romance

Now is the time of year when the drug stores are chock full of candy hearts and cheesy cards and people start going loopy for rose petals and chocolates, and Victoria's Secret is crowded with uncomfortable men trying to guess what size their gals wear. But romance shouldn't be confined to the first two weeks of February. Here are some things you should do all year to let that special lady or fella know how you really feel. A little goes a long way.

Just consider each other. If you're going to be late, call. If you find yourself trying to make your significant other feel dumb, or unworthy, or guilty, ask yourself why. If you were wrong always always own up and apologize. Laugh at yourself. Make an effort to get to know their friends and family (and cat). Watch the Real Housewives (or Sunday Night Football) with him or her, even though you don't want to. Have a date at least once a week (even if it's just a walk in the park, or a Chinese take-out picnic on the floor). Stop what you're doing and greet one another with a kiss when you get home from work. Put down the damn phone. When you run into someone, introduce him or her. Listen. No, really, listen. Do your best not to fart or burp or pick your nose in front of them- once that door is opened, you can't close it again. Remember to be grateful that they love you (and say "thank you" now and then.) Remember: not every argument is worth having - choose your battles, and choose to have fewer of them.

Sometimes when you feel like saying "no" say "yes" instead. You won't regret it. Sometimes when you feel like wearing the cotton granny-panties, wear the silky thong instead. Sometimes when you feel like saying "pick up your stupid socks, stupidhead!," say, "I love you, stupidhead". Don't call him a hundred times when he's out with his friends. Don't panic if he's going to a strip club for a bachelor party. If you act jealous, needy, and annoying, you'll only make him want to get away from you.

Even if she's tough as nails, and can take you at arm wrestling, she still wants to be made to feel like a lady. Don't stress out about rules (who goes first through a revolving door, again?)- just use your instincts and be kind. If she seems cold, offer her your jacket. Buy flowers just because (sometimes they mean more when it's not a special occasion). Change the lightbulb she can't reach without being asked. When she gets dressed up, tell her she looks pretty (it helps sell it if you really look at her first). Build a fire on a cold night. Be the outside spoon.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. - Eden Ahbez


Chloe said...

Love it!

Ali said...

That is too cute! Especially the granny panties vs. silk! ha!

BRed said...

BTW Lily, you missed the gem on the trip that a certain Brooklyn based friend of ours will only be the inside spoon.