Monday, September 21, 2009

You've Been Served

This weekend, I have been in California, throwing a bridal shower and bachelorette party for my good friend, Lea, (pictures and deets later this week!) who is getting married next month. We have been (and are still) in a full-throttle wedding planning frenzy, and I'm flying back to New York tomorrow, so I'm sorry it's so late and this won't be my most involved post of all time. Look, I'm a big enough woman to admit when I'm less-than-perfect.

But here's a quick party-throwing tip that came in handy this weekend, especially good for those of you who may be hosting a holiday supper this fall: When planning your party food, choose the serving pieces that you want your dishes to go in and arrange them on your buffet table. Make sure you choose serving spoons to go along with each one, too. Then, mark each one with a post-it note. On the day of the party, you'll be able to get everything from the oven or fridge to the table quickly and efficiently (or you can put all those help-offerers to work doing it for you). You'll be surprised at how much time and energy this little step saves you on the day.

Who says you can't get good service anymore?

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michaela said...

that's a great tip! my mom always stresses i do that and i agree it really makes a difference.