Thursday, September 17, 2009

Highly Gifted

Pretty frequently, due to my persistent lack of foresight, I am ashamed to admit that I find myself in need of a little gift twenty minutes before I am supposed to be walking out the door to a birthday, housewarming or engagement party, or to go be an overnight guest in someone's house. And, under that kind of pressure, the creative gift-giving part of my brain just kind of goes into overdrive and shorts out, leaving me unable to come up with even marginally good ideas (and usually causing me to forget my keys on my way out the door, as well). To combat this, I started buying cases of nice wine, so I would always have something in a pinch, but then what happened was that we just started drinking more wine since it was always around, and I still didn't have it when I needed it. So, now, I have stocked a shelf in my linen closet with a few cute gift items, which I replenish whenever I am ever in a cute gifty store and think, "that's a cute gift". Here are some of my favorite all-purpose cute gifts, all under $30, and all guaranteed to please just about any lovely lady on your list (and some of the gents, too). So now, my presents are both present and accounted for.

From top: Robin's egg soaps, $25, from Gianna Rose Ateli
er; Leather birthday journal, $20, from Graphic Image; Handmade fabric bird (useless, but so cute!), from Ann Wood on etsy; Embroidered silk clutch, $28, from Forgotten Shanghai; "Do the Dishes" silkscreened tea towel, $17, from Showpony on etsy; "Mine" leather luggage tags, $25, from Cambria Cove; Delicious gourmet balsamic vinegar, $16, from Oliviers and Company.

"Bar Bingo" game, $8 for set of 12 cards, from Perpetual Kid; Leather pocket measuring tape (I keep one in my purse at all times), $29, from Graphic Image; Bright calligraphic notecards, $30, from Cambria Cove.


hampers said...

Your blog looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

sfwinegirl said...

I always try to keep a stash of gifts in the closet for situations that you've described. I loved your suggestions of gift ideas and I'll definitely stock up on some of these small presents!