Thursday, September 10, 2009

Suits Me

This may seem like a weird time to be doing a post on bathing suits, what with summer being over, and winter beckoning us with it's icy fingers. But I'm an optimist, and I'm holding out hope that we might have a few warm weather weekends left this year. Not to mention the surprise trip to Bermuda I am sure my husband is planning for me. But mostly, this is a really great time to buy a new bathing suit because they are on sale everywhere. And it's not like styles change much year to year- unless you count that ill-advised high-cut leg thing that was in during the '90s (but if that comes back next year, I suggest you buck the trend). So even if you have to buy one and put it away for next year, at least it will be new to you. Plus, no one loves trying on suits, but wouldn't you rather do it now with an end-of-summer tan than next spring with winter pasty skin and that layer of extra-warmth pudge?

Top row, left to right: Green patterned bikini, $152, from Lilly Pulitzer available at; Navy ruffle full-piece suit, $89, from J.Crew; Striped suit, $44, from; Black low-cut full-piece, $20, from Newport News; Green polka-dot bikini, $39, from Victoria's Secret; Red-and-white bikini by Salinas, $30, from; Blue-and-white nautical bikini, top $22.50, bottom $17.50, from Delia's; White-and-blue one-piece, $99, from Anthropologie; Multi-colored striped bikini, $39, from Victoria's Secret.

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