Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Foil Dull Scissors

Is there anything worse than dull scissors? Okay, yeah, fine, genocide is worse. But dull scissors are pretty annoying. And if you live in a house like ours where the same scissors might be used to trim bangs, cut open packages or chop herbs (oh, calm down- I put them through the dishwasher every day), it's likely that your scissors could be sharper.

Here's a quick trick for sharpening scissors, and all you'll need is a large piece of aluminum foil.

1. Take the aluminum foil and fold it in half three times.
2. Cut through the foil over and over with the scissors (creating a "fringe" effect). The foil will remove the little metal burrs that are dulling the scissors' edges, as well as any residual glue or gunk that is attached to the blades.
3. Test sharpness by cutting a piece of paper. If they are still dull, repeat steps 1-3.

It's a simple fix that really makes the cut.

photo credit: audelaine on flickr

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Magnolia Event Design and Wedding Planning said...

Great hint!!! I sharpened all of my scissors this morning.