Thursday, May 7, 2009

Praying for Santa Barbara

A lot of you have written me to ask about the wildfires in my hometown of Santa Barbara, California. The fires broke out on Tuesday afternoon, and have spread quickly toward the town, due to high temperatures and unpredictable winds, destroying many homes and injuring several firefighters. So far, my friends and family and their homes are all safe, although many have had to evacuate (some for the second time this year).

Santa Barbara is a little piece of heaven on earth- located between the beach and the mountains, it is beautifully temperate all year. But every place you might live has a downside (for instance, in New York there is always a chance you might come across someone peeing between two cars), and Santa Barbara's downside is these types of fires (oh, yeah, and the occasional earthquake). Some part of my mind is always dreaming about Santa Barbara, and I hope that you all will keep those whose homes are in jeopardy, and the brave firepeople who are fighting the blaze in your thoughts.

photo credit: Santa Barbara News-Press

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