Friday, May 29, 2009

New Shoes News

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an intensely, fiercely (and sometimes bizarrely) loyal person. Some examples: I am still best friends with girls I met in preschool. I might make fun of my family (loudly and often) but if you say something about them in front of me, watch out. I will silently hold a grudge against you for wronging my friend long long after the friend has forgotten the whole thing (you know who you are, friend-wrongers!) Unsurprisingly, I also apply that kind of crazy devotion to products and services that I love. I once bought a three-year supply of my favorite moisturizer on EBay when they discontinued it, and I still felt guilty pangs when I finally ran out and had to buy something new (to which I am now equally loyal).

All of this is to say that I am a major devotée of the wonderful shoe-mecca website (and you should be, too, even if you are a noncommittal type). They have a million different brands of shoes, good prices, and great customer service (how rare is that?). And now Zappos is rewarding my allegiance with their beta "Zappos VIP" program. Go to and sign up to be a "VIP member"- it costs you nothing, and you get free overnight shipping and free and fast returns. Which means you can buy five pairs of gold sandals in three different sizes, try them on tomorrow, and return the ones you don't want and have your credit card refunded before your husband even sees the bill. (Not that I do that, honey).
And, in case you are wondering, no, I'm not getting free shoes for writing this. Just the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from sharing something great with people I care about. That's right, you are all in the circle of trust, now. God help you.



I love this, Lil! This is so smart of Zappos - I am a huge Amazon Prime loyalist and can attest to the fact that, because of it, I order EVERYTHING on Amazon. I think Zappos could actually get away with charging for VIP status, but great that they're launching it fee-free (Oh, ps. this is Ivonne, not Diego, although he loves it, too :)

Unknown said...

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