Friday, March 6, 2009

Trash of Genius

Although it's certainly not glamorous, I wanted to share a little housekeeping tip that I picked up from the janitorial staff at my old office.

Instead of hunting down a box of garbage bags to re-line the can every time you take out the trash, just leave a few fresh bags at the bottom of the can. They'll already be there whenever you need 'em, and should your garbage ooze or leak, perchance, you can just throw out the extra bag, and not have to wash out the whole can.

Perhaps you're thinking, "that trick is nothing new- the janitorial staff at my office does this, as well." To which I counter, "Yes, but do you do it at home?" Because, say this trick saves you 30 seconds every time you change the trash, which you do four times a week. That means that over the course of the next twenty years, you could save 36 hours. That's time you could use to write a book or learn to play the banjo, or watch one-and-a-half seasons of 24. Don't throw it away.

photo credit: Simple Human

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