Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cute Outfits: Spring Day

After this eternal, everlasting, perpetual, undying, enduring, amaranthine, infinite winter, it seemed that Spring would never come. Even when the buds started appearing on the trees and baby ducklings and goslings appeared in the Reservoir in Central Park, it was still too cold to go outside without a coat. However, my good friend Al Roker informs me that tomorrow is going to be 69 degrees and sunny. I've been burned (or rather chilled) before, believing that Spring was finally here, only to get a freaky snowstorm instead, so I am hesitant to buy into the good weather propaganda (fool me once, Sam Champion, shame on you, fool me twice...). However, I am getting pretty tired of my winter gear, and a little Spring wardrobe fantasizing never hurt anyone. Hopefully, I'll see you all out in the sun tomorrow, and I'll be wearing something like this. Until then, I'll keep my down coat and galoshes by the door.

1. Green cardigan, $29.50 from Old Navy, 2. Gold braided cuff bracelet, $34, from Banana Republic, 3. Gold bead hoop earrings, $40 from Robin Woodard, available from Twist Online, 4. White bootleg jeans, $59.50, from the Gap, 5. White Mar-a-Lago leather tote, $358 from Lilly Pulitzer, 6. Yellow "Gigi" leather thong sandals, $79, from Sam Edelman available from PiperLime, 7. Red ruffled top, $30 from Nine West.

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