Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Spring Sunshine

Here's a riddle: What is always coming, but never arrives? Tomorrow.
And, seemingly, this Spring.

In an effort to bring a little faux spring sunshine in to our apartment while my mom is in town (checking out her grandbaby), I picked up some Spring blooms at the corner store for our kitchen table. I grabbed a bunch of yellow tulips and some sweet daffodils (make sure you get them while they are still totally closed up, as they will open and bloom quickly). The flower stands are also full of gorgeous hyacinth and freesia (which smell as good as they look) this time of year.

It's a whole lot of cheer for under ten bucks. Which leaves you with plenty of your bottom dollars to bet with Little Orphan Annie about when that sun's coming out.
My guess? Tomorrow.


Christine said...

I LOVE your Herend China...we nearly got the same pattern in blue. Excellent choice!

Allie-Chat said...

My bottom dollar's on the Gurgle Fish; )