Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cookies for Rookies

If you want to bake special cookies for the holidays, but the thought of using a mixer makes you break out in hives, fear not. There are lots of easy ways to take refrigerated cookie dough from the grocery store and dress it up to make it seem like homemade.
My two favorites are Cranberry Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie Snickerdoodles.
To make the Cranberry Chocolate Chip cookies, take pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough and place scoopfuls of dough on the cookie sheet. Stick 8-10 dried cranberries in each blob of dough. Then just follow the instructions on the tube. The result will be festive, seasonal cookies.

To make the Snickerdoodles, just take 1 cup of sugar and 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon and mix them in a small bowl. Roll each ball of sugar cookie dough in the mixture before you put it on the cookie sheet (and then follow the directions on the tube). Cinnamonderful!

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tiana16 said...

lily, you read my mind! I just bought some cookie dough b/c I don't own a super sweet KitchenAide mixer and was feeling really sad that my cookies would be so boring. Melancholy solved!