Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wreath-thinking pt.2

Inspired by the gorgeous brussels sprout wreath I posted earlier, and my incredible luck at having a fireplace in my new kitchen (I like to pretentiously call it the hearth), I decided to make a veggie-themed wreath to decorate it. After a brief (45 minute) brainstorming sesh in the produce aisle, during which I manhandled every type of veg to test for durability (white asparagus was very tempting, but seemed iffy), I wired sprouts, radishes and mushrooms and attached them to a simple evergreen wreath that I bought for $8 from a street vendor. I finished the whole thing off with a gorge vintage ribbon that I may or may not have purloined from the ribbon closet at my old job.
You know what they say- home is where the hearth-wreath is (just don't try to say it ten times fast).

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