Friday, December 19, 2008

Can't Live Without...Blush

With a dreamy snowstorm outside (at least on the East Coast) and the holiday spirit in the air, I doubt that many of you will be needing much artificial enhancement to get those glow-y sugarplums in your cheeks these days.
But should the need arise, I am here to suggest you make your next blush purchase NARS Blush in "Orgasm"($25).
I used to think of blush as something best reserved for geisha and old ladies, but this product made me change my tune. Because it's such a subtle and natural shade, it won't give you that clown-y cheek spots look or that glittery thing that some blushes have going on, even if you have to put it on in the dark. And due to some magic the mad scientists at Nars put in the recipe, it looks equally good on everyone, regardless of skin tone or complexion. You heard it here first- all that nonsense about needing to find the right shade for your skin type was total bull hockey- this is the right shade for everyone. Seriously.
If you don't believe me, stop by Sephora and get the "Orgasm" glow for yourself from their samples. Or you can get it the old-fashioned way...

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