Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Repping Prep

Growing up in California, my summer attire (heck, my year-round attire) usually consisted of the "daisy dukes and bikinis on top" that are spoken of so eloquently in Katy Perry's ubiquitous hit single. (I'm sorry I keep bringing it up, but if you have not had this song perma-lodged in your head since June, you must be reading this from the moon).
But I've been an East Coaster for (gulp) eleven summers now, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my style of dress has transformed over the years from "California Gurl" to more like "Rear Admiral"- not only have I gone preppy, I've gone nautical preppy.  After spending the last two consecutive weekends at weddings in Newport, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod, (more about all that later this week), I've become fully convinced that the world would be a better-looking place if everyone would just follow my plan to dress like they had recently stepped off a yacht.  But even if you aren't on board (get it?) for the full boating look, my favorite pieces are timeless classics that will look great on anyone and can be incorporated into any style of dress (well, maybe not vampire goth).  So pull in the mainline, pour yourself a dark & stormy, and set sail for  the world of Nautical Prep. Even Katy Perry is doing it.
 1. Persol sunglasses, $255, from the Sunglass Hut; 2. Boat and Tote canvas bag, $25, from L.L.Bean; 3. "Know The Ropes" bracelet, $78, from Kate Spade; 4. Ropebelt seersucker shorts, $75, from Tory Burch; 5. Ruffle stripe bikini, $68 each piece, from Anthropologie; 6. Sperry topsiders, $75, from Zappos.com; 7. Saint James "Meridien" sailor shirt, $85, from J.Crew; 8. Aerie sailor shorts, $25, from American Eagle; 9. Nantucket rope bracelets, $14, from The Sunken Ship; 10. Striped espadrilles, $69, from Toms; 11. Silk scarf (for tying over your head or around your neck), $305, from Hermes; 12. Straw fedora, $22 from the Village Hat Shop.


Christine said...

Mmm love it...especially those espedrille wedge heels! So cute!

Jade said...

I have the red-stripe Toms and they are FABULOUS!!

Staci Edwards said...

Love anything by Tory Burch! What a lovely blog you have... And I'm the same, 29 and very domesticated! Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's some cute stuff, but when you wear it, it makes you feel like you're about 75 years old, living in Palm Beach, and the whitest person in America.