Monday, June 7, 2010

Pop Up Video

If you were somehow granted the power to listen to my thoughts, you would probably be disturbed by the amount of energy I spend analyzing other people's thoughts and actions. (You would also probably be amazed at the sheer amount of time I spend thinking about cheese, as well, but that's neither here nor there). It's like there's a mini Dr. Phil who lives inside my brain (sort of like in the classic Lily Tomlin-Steve Martin comedy All of Me, except I doubt I fall in love with Dr. Phil at the end. And this Dr. Phil loves cheese.)  Essentially, I am a burgeoning amateur pop psychologist. Which is why I am sort of obsessed with these very cool videos my husband found on YouTube.  They are made by a group called RSA who are obviously also really into pop psychology like me, but much smarter and way, way better at drawing.  I hope you enjoy.


Chloe said...

Love it-

Christine said...

Wow, cool stuff. Have to admit, I was hoping this was a nod to VH1's old show, of which I was a big, big fan! :)